I'm a 26-year-old Ohio soul who's lived in Brooklyn for the past four. Sensitive, overthinks, also loves having gigantic parties. It's that Leo/Virgo cusp. 

I started my career as an editorial assistant at Parents magazine, where I helped edit and write copy for all the home, party, and craft feature pages. I moved into the social media world with my jump to Fuse TV, where I interviewed tons of musicians and actors (many of whom were my idols when I was 13) on Snapchat and/or Facebook Live. I also managed the Facebook and Twitter pages for content. Oh—and I attended more music festivals and live shows than I can count (all in the name of social!).  

I then landed at Coveteur, a fashion and beauty media company, in charge of running all of their social media platforms. In addition to creating all the social content, I was also planning, scheduling, optimizing, strategizing, and a lot of other "-ing" things for their 3mm+ social audience.  

Writing will always be my first passion, but I'm obsessed with the problem solving, analytical thinking, and visual creativity that social media allows.